Our kitchens are sleek and stylish, practical with highly efficient layouts, and we incorporate the latest in design & technology.  Masterwood kitchens are known for intelligent and brilliant hardware innovation hidden behind the beautiful finishes of our cupboard and drawer fronts.
We have a reputation for creating award winning dream kitchens at the upper end of the market. The fact is, we bring the Wow Factor to all budgets.

Staffed by skilled joiners, cabinet makers and CAD/CAM operators, our computer-aided, state-of-the-art production floor is a major contributor to our ability to compete with manufacturers and retailers of mass-produced cabinetry and joinery. 
So rather than opting to fit flatpack joinery into your interior, get in touch to see how we can help you create an affordable bespoke kitchen.  Chances are, you'll be surprised at just how affordable custom-made joinery can be when it's by Masterwood Joinery.

"The Masterwood team designed, and installed our dream kitchen. European styling and attention to detail, adding considerably more value to our home than a standard flat pack would have. We were surprised how cost effective it was"

Innovation in kitchen design.

Masterwood Joinery takes pride in achieving standards of manufacturing and installation excellence demanded by Haden Emslie, multi-award winning Ingrid Geldof Design, and many other architects and interior designers.

We design your kitchen based on your individual style - from contemporary to classic.

Let our award winning designers guide you on the best features for your kitchen to fit your budget.  

Features include

  • Weightless lifting and closing of doors.  
  • Motion sensor switches on LED down-lights.
  • European kitchen shelving, storage systems and soft-close dampening technology by HafĂ©le.
  • Pull out tower pantries achieve maximum storage with a minimal space 
  • Cupboards and drawers that smoothly self-open when a light tap or nudge of the knee or hip 
  • Waste separation and recycling containers, pails and bins.
  • Seamless bench tops in a range of materials.  
  • Adjustable horizontal and vertical dividers inside drawers to better hold contents in place 
  • Glass splash backs express individuality through customised patterns and designs.

For inspiration, browse our portfolio of custom kitchens designed, built and installed by Masterwood Joinery


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